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Judul:Acoustic Guitar Love Song Instrumental
Diterbitkan:22 Juni 2016
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Romantic Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Love Songs Compilation
01. Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You
02. Everything I Do I Do It For You
03. I Will Always Love You
04. Love in Dreams
05. Right Here Waiting for You
06. When You Say Nothing at All
07. My Love
08. Empty Seaport
09. A Time for Us
10. Alice has Blue Eyes
11. I Can't Stop Loving You
12. Missing
13. Scartorough Fair
14. I Really don't Want to Know
15. Romance de Amour
16. Qianying
17. Yesterday Once More
18. Love is Blue
19. By My Side
20. Long for Love
21. Seal with a Kiss
22. Brahmss Serenade
23. Again
24. How Can I Tell Her
25. Jing Zhong Di An Na
26. The Pray of Young Girl
27. From The Beginning until Now
28. Behind You

Romantic Sax - Saxophone Instrumental Cover of Popular Love Songs

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